I earlier posted about how Wisconsin cities would begin to lose their recycling programs.  It seems now that “Gov. Scott Walker is backing away from his proposal to eliminate mandatory recycling, and instead his administration is suggesting that some localities might want to merge their garbage collection to save money.”  Full article here.


A friend sent back this photo from China.  He says that see saw this van parked out front of his building, with (among other services) “home appliance recycling” offered on back window.   (It is reported that one of goals of national program is to eventually force such informal recycling activities, which can have severe environmental impacts, into the formal (regulated) sector).

Can any readers provide a full translation?


See here.

“As of Wednesday, Wisconsin’s electronics recycling law bans the use of landfills or incineration to dispose of electronic devices. The ban covers televisions; computers (including desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers); computer monitors; desktop printers (including those that scan, fax, or copy); other computer accessories, including keyboards, mice, speakers, external hard drives and flash drives; DVD players, DVRs, VCRs and other video players; Fax machines; and cell phones.”

See here.

I am attempting to build a collection of used/recycled/old/worn/vintage T-shirts to wear in my Natural Resources Law and Frontiers in Environmental Law & Policy classes this year.  I’m looking for T-shirts that have designs about parks, nature, environment, sustainability, local food, vegetarianism, small farming, agriculture, climate change, energy, organic, earth, local food restaurants or anything else that has some sort of ecologically positive message.  Please sift through you old T-shirts (size L or XL) and if you find one, please deliver it to my office, home, the softball field, or even mail it to the Vermont Law School.  While I’m offering no money, I will attribute the source to you and you can feel good about recycling your old shirts (and limiting my consumption of new ones).  Any shirts I don’t wear will be given to a clothing charity.