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Here are some interesting news items and blog posts from this morning:

Once again, Vermont Law School is the #1 Environmental Law program in the United States according to USNWR’s 2011 rankings.  See here.

Today I had the pleasure of presenting my research at a “seminar” (we’d call it a roundtable or workshop) at one of the oldest universities in Europe.  Uppsala Universitet was founded in 1477.  I presented in the original and ornate law faculty room complete with chandeliers, 500 year old paintings, and amazing marble.  I presented my comparative work on eco-labeling regimes for food, and, in addition to the Uppsala Faculty of Law, many private organic certifiers were in attendance.  It was a great event followed by tea and pastries.  I have never had so much tea and coffee with colleagues ever as I have had this week–time for us to put in a free expresso machine in the hallway at Vermont Law School. 

And below is a photo of the church that I view out of my office window (my office is in the white building in the lower left hand corner).

Over at The Faculty Lounge, they’ve decided to rank the “Most Productive Environmental Law Scholars 2005-2009 at “Top” Environmental Schools.”  (It seems I’m #7.)

So says the title of this article in the Burlington Free Press.

Leiter Reports Headline:

ABA Considers Dropping LSAT Requirement for Law School Admissions

I like data and I like to ask empirical questions (see my old blog), but often translating data so it can be understood is difficult.  And I lack the necessary graphic and computer skills to make my data come to life.  In fact, I wish my own classes and paper presentations had far more visual flair than I know how to do with PowerPoint.  Watch this video, which is an amazing display of data visualization.  Imagine if law professors had the resources and/or expertise to make their presentations come alive this way.  (And I note that any faculty job candidate who did this would be hired immediately based on what this would mean for their classroom experience.)

Hat tip: Matt Sag

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