Yesterday, I live blogged the Wisconsin Elections. I went to bed at 1:04am with the Supreme Court race too close to call. I received an email at 1:15am that 8,000 absentee ballots in Milwaukee had yet to be counted, all votes were counted in Republican-dominated Waukesha & Washington counties, one third of vote from Dem Eau Clare county yet to be counted, and Wausau had yet to be counted (likely 50/50). This all favored Kloppenburg, and the Prosser campaign was described to me as “tense.”

Currently the race remains too close to call:

Supreme Court, 100% Reporting

Joanne Kloppenburg, 740,090, 50%

David Prosser (inc), 739,886, 50%

A recount is likely, as I now see no precincts outstanding. Read more here about the race, and the AP will not call the race.