8:52pm EDT: I’m a Wisconsin native, and now that the NY Times has declared that today’s Wisconsin elections are a “referendum on the Governor,” I thought I’d do some live blogging.  There are two key races in Wisconsin today.  First, the Supreme Court race between incumbent Justice David Prosser and the challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.  (For the record, I oppose elections for judges.)  And, second, the race for Milwaukee County Executive, a nonpartison race, between philanthropist Chris Abele and Republican State Representative Jeff Stone.  More details here.

I have no clue who will win these races, given the political turmoil in Wisconsin and the shifting demographics of southeastern Wisconsin, other than predict that the races will be close.

Polls close in Wisconsin in 8 minutes.

9:00pm EDT: Polls have closed in Wisconsin.

9:04pm: Another reason judges should not be elected.  See here.

9:21pm: Some Wisconsin towns and cities ran out of ballots.


Supreme Court REPORTING 1%
Joanne Kloppenburg 9,985 60%
David Prosser (inc) 6,629 40%


Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 0%
Chris Abele 383 56%
Jeff Stone 302 44%


Supreme Court REPORTING 2%
Joanne Kloppenburg 16,868 53%
David Prosser (inc) 14,828 47%


County Precincts D. Prosser (i) J. Kloppenburg
Total 155/3630 44,267


Supreme Court REPORTING 6%
Joanne Kloppenburg 55,415 50%
David Prosser (inc) 55,300 50%
Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 1%
Jeff Stone 2,054 60%
Chris Abele 1,353 40%

9:45pm:  With 8% reporting, Supreme Court race still too close to call.  Prosser has taken 234 vote lead.


Supreme Court REPORTING 9%
David Prosser (inc) 101,156 51%
Joanne Kloppenburg 97,422 49%
Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 2%
Jeff Stone 3,023 57%
Chris Abele 2,285 43%

9:55pm: 11% reporting.  Prosser 51%, Kloppenburg 49%

10:00pm: Milwaukee County Executive, 7%: Chris Abele, 7,797, 58% /Jeff Stone, 5,684, 42%

10:02pm: Prosser maintains small lead with 13% reporting.


Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 14%
Chris Abele 15,585 60%
Jeff Stone 10,487 40%

10:12pm: I’ve been trying multiple websites for the quickest results. It looks like this website is doing the best: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/118885959.html

10:13: With 17% reporting and over 300,000 votes in the Supreme Court race is too close to call. Abele has opened up a large lead in the County Exec race, but I wish I knew what districts were reporting.


Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 27%
Chris Abele 28,678 61%
Jeff Stone 18,216 39%


Supreme Court REPORTING 29%
David Prosser (inc) 237,031 51%
Joanne Kloppenburg 225,445 49%
Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 44%
Chris Abele 52,344 60%
Jeff Stone 34,565 40%

10:31pm:  So far, these results are good news for the Obama re-election campaign.  A too-close-call statewide race and a, so far, “democratic” lead in the non-partison Milwaukee County race is good news from Dems as voter turnout among Dems in Milwaukee will be much higher in a presidential election year.

10:33pm: Are we in for a long wait on the Supreme Court race result?

10:38pm: Abele up 60-40 with 55% reporting.  Supreme Court still at 50-50%.


Supreme Court REPORTING 38%
David Prosser (inc) 319,941 52%
Joanne Kloppenburg 301,187 48%


Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 60%
Chris Abele 74,319 61%
Jeff Stone 48,433 39%

10:53pm.  I’m slight confused right now, or the Stone campaign was very wrong about their chances.  See here.

10:56pm: Abele maintains significant lead with 65% reporting.

10:57pm: “We’re feeling it’s very close and it may be a long night,” said Kloppenburg campaign manager.

11:04pm: Supreme Court back to 50-50%.  Abele still up.

Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 77%
Chris Abele 94,151 61%
Jeff Stone 60,037 39%



Milwaukee County Executive REPORTING 81%
Chris Abele 101,509 62%
Jeff Stone 62,971 38%

Results from JSONline.

11:09pm: Supreme Court race still very tight.

Supreme Court REPORTING 55%
Joanne Kloppenburg 438,201 50%
David Prosser (inc) 434,445 50%

11:10pm: Again, this is all very good news for WI state Dems, and has to concern any legislators that may be potentially recalled on both sides of the aisle, given the tone and turnout of a spring nonpartison election.  Still good news for the Dems in WI in 2012.

11:14pm: Article on the Abele win. See here.  See here too.

11:16pm: Very high turnoutAnd 70% (!!!) turnout in Madison.

11:19pm:  Report from a Milwaukee friend, “Jeff Stone gave what seems to be a concession speech just after 10:00pm [central time].”

11:25pm:  It looks like the Supreme Court race won’t be able to be called for some time.

Supreme Court REPORTING 66%
Joanne Kloppenburg 515,891 50%
David Prosser (inc) 514,475 50%


Supreme Court REPORTING 73%
Joanne Kloppenburg 559,970 50%
David Prosser (inc) 553,243 50%

11:46pm: 76% reporting, Supreme Court race still close to call.  My reports on the ground tell me that half the Madison votes have yet to be counted (good for Kloppenburg as she’s getting 72% of votes in Dane County), and still many outstanding votes is Waukesha County (good for Prosser as he’s getting 73% of the vote there).  Kloppenburg only getting 57% of vote in Milwaukee county.  Dems usually need 60% of the vote in Milwaukee County to win a statewide race.  Will the turnout in Dane County be enough for her to keep a slight lead at the end?

11:50pm: Lot of Waukesha vote out yet (very good for Prosser).

Supreme Court REPORTING 78%
Joanne Kloppenburg 583,113 50%
David Prosser (inc) 575,930 50%

11:52pm: Even the campaigns aren’t sure who’ll win this thing.  See here.

11:54pm: Too close to call.

11:57: Kloppenburg up 51-49% with 82% reporting.

12:04am: Kloppenburg still up 51-49% with 85% in.

12:10am: Race tightening.  50-50%, less than 5000 vote difference with 88% of precincts in.

12:13pm:  Unrelated to elections update from Vermont – it’s snowing, and I still have 3 feet of snow in my backyard.


Supreme Court REPORTING 90%
Joanne Kloppenburg 670,661 50%
David Prosser (inc) 668,985 50%

12:24am: 92% reporting, Kloppenburg up be less than 2000 votes.

12:30am: still too close to call, but Prosser takes small lead.

Supreme Court REPORTING 92%
David Prosser (inc) 687,274 50%
Joanne Kloppenburg 686,683 50%

12:41am: updated results.

Supreme Court REPORTING 95%
David Prosser (inc) 703,414 50%
Joanne Kloppenburg 701,624 50%

12:45am: Prosser up by less than 2000 votes with 97% reporting.

12:49am: Here are the county by county results.  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/files/elections/2011/by_county/WI_Supreme_Court_0405.html?SITE=AP&SECTION=POLITICS

1:04am: Bedtime.  Below are the current results.  I wonder if there might be a recount.

Supreme Court REPORTING 97%
David Prosser (inc) 724,355 50%
Joanne Kloppenburg 722,518 50%