I earlier posted about the loss of high-speed rail funds in Ohio and Wisconsin to other states.  (At least the funds are still going to rail rather than roads.)  This post’s title quote is the title this press release from Milwaukee County Clerk Joseph Czarnezki criticizing Wisconsin’s Governor-elect for stopping high-speed rail in Wisconsin.  (It seems I agree a lot more with my father as an adult than I suspect I did as a child.)  The money quote in the press release:

“Governor-Elect Walker has kicked Wisconsin taxpayers in the caboose by sending our hard earned tax dollars to other states.”

UPDATE: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a long article detailing the redistribution of the rail funds.  (At least some of the money is coming to Vermont…I vote for high speed rail from Montpelier to NYC, or any rail from Vermont to Boston.)

UPDATE 2: Train-maker to pull out of Milwaukee.