Please vote today.  I love election day and treat it like the civic national and state holiday that it should be.  We also call it “Family Voting Day” and my partner and I walk our kids to go vote before walking them to school.  This morning had three highlights: (1) At breakfast my older daughter (age 5) asked, “What type of people do we vote for?”  I used words and phrases like “people who want to help others,” “progressive,” and “good leaders.”  She asked, “Dad, what’s progressive?,” struggling to pronounce the word.  I said progressives are people ‘who want change that helps people who can’t afford important things.’  At which point, my daughter said, “I know what is progressive.  Kids without money need doctors.  Doctors should go to kids’ houses if the kids need doctors.  Moms and dads should be able to go get a doctor and bring them home to the kid.”  With a big smile, I applauded her on this wonderful idea.  (2) My younger daughter (age 3) literally running to City Hall because she was so excited to vote with the family.  (3) When we dropped off my daughter late to Kindergarten, on the tardy slip line entitled ‘Reason for being late,’ the staff person wrote “Voting.”

I posted an election day preview yesterday, and I’ll start live blogging election day shortly.  Go Vote!