(1) Justice Scalia in Milwaukee where he spoke at the opening of the new Marquette University Law School building.  In his speech, Scalia stressed the impact of teaching over scholarship for law school professors.  He said, “The reality is that the part of your academic career that will have the most lasting impact and that will be remembered after you are long gone is those hours you spent producing a living intellectual legacy in the classroom.”  The annual discussion of the value of legal scholarship seems to have begun, as other blogs have been debating the article, Preaching What They Don’t Practice: Why Law Faculties’ Preoccupation with Impractical Scholarship. Why does everything have to be so black and white?  We should all strive to be great teachers, and write different forms of scholarship that are of value to various audiences.

(2) VT Democratic Governor Recount Underway.  Don’t plan on going to the county courthouses to turn in your passport applications or do other business; they’re busy recounting ballots.

(3) Politics: Obama Speaks Out Against Pastor’s Plan to Burn Koran and Chicago’s Mayor Daley not running for re-election.

(4) BP takes some of the blame for the Gulf Oil Spill…maybe.  See here.

(5) Montpelier, Vermont, first state capitol to adopt “sustainable” master plan.