See results here and here.  Apparently I was right on in my earlier post when I said no one had any idea who would win.  Apparently, there’s a gentlemen’s agreement that there will be no recount, but I’m not sure I buy that.  Of most interest, the town of St. Albans has yet to report vote totals (population just over 5,000).

In other primaries around the nation, there don’t seem to be any surprises–Meeks, McCain, Rubio all won.

UPDATE 1: 22 vote difference in VT Dem. Gov. Primary.  See

UPDATE 2: Racine ahead of Shumlin by 60 votes.  Markowitz 3rd.

UPDATE 3: Maybe a surprise in Alaska GOP US Senate Primary.  See here.

UPDATE 4: Upset in Fla. GOP Gov. Primary.  See here.

UPDATE 5: VT Dem Gov Primary – Racine leads by 88 votes.

Update 6:  Shumlin wins VT Dem. Gov. primary by 178 votes.