It’s my birthday and election day–what an awesome combination.    The most watched race is the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary where 5 candidates are vying to match up against the current Republican Lt. Governor in the fall, since Givernor Jim Douglas is not seeking re-election.  The candidates are: State senators Susan Bartlett and Doug Racine; a former state senator and Google exec, Matt Dunne; Secretary of State Deb Markowitz; and State Senate President Peter Shumlin. No one has any idea who is going to win the primary.  Let’s hope it’s not too close (like recount close) because there is a unity rally tomorrow at noon.  I’m not going to predict a winner, but I will go out on a limb on predict the President with come to VT to campaign for the Democratic nominee at some point; something that hasn’t happened in VT in a long time according to long-time Vermonters.