Today, due to the generosity of contacts at WWF in Hong Kong, we received a tour of Mai Po Nature Reserve in Hong Kong’s New Territories.   Mai Po is a large wetland reserve filled with very cool flora and fauna, and really is a bird lovers’ paradise.  Mai Po is protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, and our visit was truly a treat.   We saw mangroves, traditional shrimp ponds, fish farms (right outside the reserve), and beautiful flowers, and, with fancy digital binoculars and scopes, saw beautiful birds: spoonbills, herons, egrets, and ducks.


Whenever I hike Kent’s Ledge, I chuckle at the idea of the passage under the highway as a potential wildlife corridor (though no one proclaims it to be one).  But it makes me consider how necessary continuous land segments are to preserving wildlife habitat and biological diversity.  America’s highways not only promote our driving culture and contribute to climate change, but also fragment habitat.  This Times article discuss how roadkill is being used by some to measure the actual deaths of animals on the road and better understand the environmental impacts of roads.