I had an absolutely great birthday weekend. I stayed with my family in a yurt in the Maine woods to do a little walking in the forest and enjoy spooky stories by the campfire. It is a new venture called Maine Forest Yurts and owned by Survivor winner Bob Crowley (which was fun even though I’ve never watched the show). We hope to return in the winter. We also spent a day on my partner’s childhood home–Peaks Island in Casco Bay–mostly enjoying Sandy Beach. Finally, we took the Kancamagus Scenic Byway through White Mountain National Forest. The highlight for me was in the Visitor Center. When I mentioned to the Forest Ranger that I taught Natural Resources Law, she then decided to go into a fantastic lecture to my older daughter about the different missions of the U.S. Forest Service versus the National Park Service, that they were part of different agencies (USDA v. Interior) and what could be done in a National Forest (e.g., logging and timber sales) that could not be done in a National Park. Hopefully, I will explain it all as well to my students this Fall. Highlights not related to natural resources included eggplant italian sandwiches at Amato’s and ice cream at Slick’s in Woodsville, NH.