Since I wrote a book entitled Everyday Environmentalism, I thought I’d share some random thoughts at the intersection of our daily lives and the environment:

(1) Ban straws. Bloomberg likes to ban things (e.g., smoking in public, sugary drinks) so why not this, they are terrible for the environment, we don’t need them, and restaurants hand them out like candy. And just say "No Straw, Please." And restaurants and bars would save $ and the environment by not passing them out.

(2) There is way too much disposal flatware in NYC. Get some bamboo re-useable utensils to carry around.

(3) The effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt in Lower Manhattan. Support the Seaport area and go to See/Change, the hip new temporary installation with a great (and free) summer lineup of outdoor music and movies. That said, a big political battle is in the cards over whether the seaport is for tourists or trendy locals, and what the future of the New Amsterdam Greenmarket will be. Also see here for more info about the Market.

(4) Vermonters needing household goods and building materials at dirt cheap prices and looking to keep stuff out of landfills should go to the ReStore.