A poignant short video from PBS about my hometown of Milwaukee and the struggles facing American families. This is what happens with an increase in income inequality and the loss of social services in the United States. My grandfather, who died three years ago, and spent the post-war era improving Milwaukee’s park and bus systems, working for labor unions, and supporting New Deal social services would be deeply disappointed and saddened. The Stanleys, and the rest of the country, deserve better. We need a Better Deal for everyone–education, health care, elder care, employment, retirement–yet it now seems many who have benefited from and continue to benefit from America’s public social welfare programs now fight them as private companies take away these benefits or simply close shop. Claude and Jackie Stanley should be able to comfortably retire. My students and friends should not have burdensome student loans. My family and friends should have the health care they require and should be able to grow old respectably in their own homes.