For two days I’ve been in Ningbo, China. Yesterday evening I gave a lecture at Ningbo University on climate policy. The students were extremely engaged, not only asking questions about environmental law and policy, but also about the recent tensions between China and Japan. The cultural highlight was at dinner. While I am completely used to unique Chinese dishes and while live seafood that can be purchased and cooked is commonplace in restaurants, I had never before seen live animals inside a restaurant. These animals included duck, pheasant, and something that looked like a small groundhog. Today’s meal included octopus eggs. Today I visited a Chinese factory for the second time, and it was much like an American tool and die-casting small business, with fewer worker safety supplies (e.g., work googles). I left feeling that there is significant potential to work with Chinese businesses to improve environmental and worker safety conditions if consumers demand it and thus larger businesses, that use Chinese companies to manufacture parts, ask for and pay for the needed changes.