After barely making my connecting flight, I arrived in Hong Kong this afternoon, flying over its beautiful green islands, It was amazingly picturesque from the sky, if a bit more gloomy at street level. Tomorrow I will attend the International Seafood Summit, primarily to attend the workshop tomorrow morning entitled, "The Future of Sustainable Seafood Certification in the Seafood Marketplace." Topics include: Shaping the Future of Sustainable Seafood Certification; How Sustainable Seafood Certification Programs will Adapt to a Changing Seafood Marketplace; and Helping Business Navigate the Sustainable Seafood Certification Landscape. This builds on my eco-labeling research and my presentation on eco-labeling at Monterey Bay Aquarium in March 2011. I’ve become increasingly interested in the proliferation of eco-labeling, the quality and verifiability of such labels, and the legal issues arrising both from third-party certified and self-declared eco-labels. Following the workshop, I have a series of meetings with individauls from Hong Kong environmental NGOs and insutitutional attendees at the Seafood Summit.