A short update: I’m in Sweden for a little over a week; a stopover on my way to China. Traveling to visit colleagues in Sweden is always a treat due to the ease of train travel in Europe. I spent day today at the University of Gothenburg Department of Law where I’m collaborating with environmental law professors on a comparative project to evaluate different national systems of environmental quality standards. I’m providing information on the American environmental law regime, specifically federal and state implementation and regulatory standards under the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. While on the train back, I also gave a phone interview to Bloomberg News about the National Organic Program, the USDA’s enforcement and certification role, and food safety in the U.S. It was a full and exciting day (now approaching hour 17 and counting) which included a bizarre dinner at an Irish Pub in Gothenburg where I all the sudden realized I was surrounded by photos of Doug Flutie, JFK, Tom Brady, Larry Bird and other New England icons.

As an aside, the best website about train travel is www.seat61.com.