While I earlier reported that my book was reviewed by Oxford University Press, I have now gotten my hands on the entire review, and am sufficiently excited about the review that I must share the final two paragraphs:

"Czarnezki’s central challenge, therefore, appears to lie in the promotion of ideas that
can generate, first, traction, thence demands for reform and, thereafter, widespread
commitment to securing change. The ultimate message is an endorsement of the
power of law to promote such change: here, specifically, to produce mechanisms that
challenge cultural resistance, as well as making the implications of eco-friendly choices
better understood and (here’s the rub), often both easier and cheaper to boot.

This excellent, provocative book is largely concerned to lay down markers, alert
to both the possibilities and the constraints that regulatory frameworks can offer.
It offers a fund of ideas with which policy makers and environmental lawyers can
usefully engage."