Last week I took the high-speed train to Stockholm to attend a conference on Baltic Salmon, but also to meet with my colleagues from Uppsala University to discuss our upcoming workshop in China on comparative approaches to the intersection of environmental law and public health. While in Sweden, I’m also collaborating with the Uppsala Faculty of Law on comparative research about environmental quality standards and working with Kristianstad University on approaches to using regulation to create more sustainable lifestyles. On the China front, I’m building on this Op-Ed, as well as this one, to further explore FDA involvement in China, consumption, issues of global food security, and some soil and water pollution cases studies in China that impact the food system.

Meanwhile it’s "Sportlov" in Sweden (the "sports week" winter beak). While most Swedes go skiing, we’re taking the kids on a train trek through Europe. (Did I mention that I love train travel?) I’m currently in Copenhagen before we take the overnight train to Basel, Switzerland, which we’ll tour before taking yet another high-speed train to Milan to see friends. After Milan, it’s Zurich. For train geeks out there, I must highly recommend this website. (FWIW, I’m sort of a travel planning geek. My partner keeps insisting that I should start a separate travel blog and advise folks about travel, so if you ever need to find an awesome boutique hotel in Bangkok, family friendly and cheap digs in Hong Kong, or a cute place in the old part of some European city, just let me know. Perhaps in 20 years, my next career will be specialized travel planning.)