With a stick a friend gave me, this evening I was invited to and did play "innebandy," otherwise known as indoor bandy or indoor hockey, but most commonly known as floorball in English. I have never before picked up a hockey stick so my back is quite sore after an hour of play. Floorball is essentially hockey played on a basketball court with a sticks, a wiffle ball, and very small goals. It is exhausting and fun. In pro games, the goals are the size of hockey goals but in pickup games there is no goal and goals are the size of a kitchen trash can.

I hope I’m not too sore for tomorrow. I taking the train to Kristianstad, Sweden. where I have been invited to attend a roundtable discussion about Kristianstad University’s Man and Biosphere Health Project. "Man & Biosphere Health is a multidisciplinary research platform at Kristianstad University" with research "focusing on the interplay between human impacts on ecosystems, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity, and human health and well-being."