…yes according this Swedish article, Förvirring stoppar miljömärkning ("Confusion stops ecolabelling"). The Google Translation is below. Note that in Europe "ecological" is the equivalent of "organic."

Confusion stops ecolabelling
Published 2011-11-09 | Updated 2011-11-09

Someone at the EU Eco-label for foods is not likely to be launched in the near future. The risk of confusion is too great.

To food and agricultural products may be organic is well known. EU Eco Eco-label, formerly known as the flower, are less familiar, and does not include food.
Likelihood of confusion

The European Commission has for years wanted to change it, not least to increase the Ecolabel relevance for EU consumers.

Now, a study commissioned by the Commission has concluded that there are major problems with an eco-label for food, in addition to the ecological already.

One reason is that the risk of confusion is great, even if the Eco-label would measure in some other things that impact of the product after the primary production, ie, in processing, transportation and consumption.

It would require major information effort to sort things out.
Hard to find criteria

The investigators also note that consumers expect that an eco-label also includes requirements for animal care and reasonable compensation to the producers. That makes it even more difficult to find adequate criteria for a rating.

The greatest resistance to an Eco-label for food is as investigators of farmer, environmental and consumer organizations, the organic sector and food industry cooperative body.

They are concerned above all of the risk of a new eco erode the ecological.