Searches for Environmental Law Faculty: 2011-2012

FSU Law School. Hoping to fill 2-3 spots in environmental law, natural resources, ocean & coastal, energy, land use, water law. Laterals preferred, but it’s not exclusive.
Contact person: Robin Craig.

George Washington Law School. Junior or senior lateral. Pollution and/or natural resources law, but overlap with energy law is likely a plus.
Contact: Michael Abramowicz

Georgetown Law School. Senior-level environmental scholar.
Contact: Lisa Heinzerling.

Johns Hopkins, Energy Policy & Climate Program. adjunct position Contact: Dr. Wil Burns

LSU Law School Tenure-track or tenured faculty members, with environmental law and energy as “areas of particular interest.” Contact: Glenn Morris

Santa Clara Law School. Seeking to hire in international environmental law, climate change, water law, natural resources, and/or energy. Teaching, scholarship, and/or practice experience in these areas are preferable, but applications at entry level also are invited. Contact: Allen Hammond

University of Colorado Law School. Two positions. One is a senior lateral in Env/NR/Water. The ideal candidate does not necessarily have to be an expert in all three. The other is a more junior lateral or entry level position in Env/NR/Energy.
Contact person: Paul Ohm,

UC Davis Law School. Tenure/tenure track position. Environmental law is an “area of interest”
Contact: Rex Perschbacher,

University of Denver. Tenure Track faculty member for environmental clinic. Contact: Mike Harris

University of Hawai‘I Law School. Environmental law. Tenured or tenure track. Contact: D. Kapua Sproat,

UNLV Law School. Entry level or lateral in the areas of environmental or energy law.
Contact: Bret Birdsong,

University of Oregon. Tenured or tenure track. Environmental law is an area of “preference.”
Contact: Carl Bjerre

H/T: Dan Farber


University of Tulsa College of Law.  Tenure-track or tenured faculty position.  Areas of particular interest: energy law and policy, renewable energy initiatives, public utility law, and environmental law.  The position would include a role in the National Energy Policy Institute (NEPI), a partnership formed between the George Kaiser Family Foundation and the University of Tulsa. Please direct questions and applications to Prof. Robert Spoo by email at

The University of Montana School of Law has posted one as well.  It is a tenure-track position in natural resources/environmental law and Indian law.  Contact:  Greg Munro,