Vermont Law School is closed today and tomorrow (Tuesday).

I just drove to South Royalton to help a colleague who was flooded out and bring water and provisions. I do not recommend driving to South Royalton. SoRo is a mess. Route 14 north of the law school is washed out and has significant mud and flooding. Route 14 south of SoRo is also closed. I was able to get to SoRo taking backroads (something I would not try again). Rt. 110 is completely open from SoRo to Barre/Montpelier and was a safe way home.

Power, running water, and internet is out in SoRo and the Law School. The Law School’s website, servers, and phone number are still down.

The SoRo community is pitching in everywhere to help, setting up BBQ grills and free food on the green.