In case you haven’t heard, today recall elections are underway in my birth state of Wisconsin. These are efforts to recall Republican senators that have supported the platform of Governor Walker (a platform that lead to significant protests in Madison). Democrats need to win 3 of the 6 elections to retake control of the State Senate and ending Republican control of the all legislative bodies. As of right now (11:30pm Eastern), the GOP has held three seats, the Dems picked up the seat where they had the best position to win
(southwestern WI/LaCrosse), and it’s still to close to call in 2 races (the Pasch/Darling race in the northern Milwaukee suburbs and the King/Hopper race in the Fox Valley). Again, as of right now, Dem Jessica King looks to be in good shape since Oshkosh still has outstanding votes, but it’s going to be really close in the
Pasch/Darling race, and some GOP commentators are optimistic given that some conservative suburbs still have outstanding votes.

Election results here.