I watched the Republican Presidential Debate last night on Fox News.  It was an odd night with so many candidates and potential candidate sitting out (no Romney, no Gingrich, no Palin, no Trump, no Huckabee, etc.), and I doubt any of the participants will win the nomination.  And it even odder that relative unknown Herman Cain clearly won the debate.  (His website is here, and he certainly performed very well last evening.)  This will be an interesting GOP nomination…people are announcing very late (remember Obama announced the February before the year before the election), and there’s room for some real entertaining additions to the field (e.g., Palin, Bachmann) and already interesting ones in (e.g, Paul).  I remain skeptical that Huntsman will join the field (I believe he’s positioning himself for 2016 regardless of what he ultimately decides this year), and I’m still predicting that Palin wins the GOP nomination until I see evidence to the contrary.