When I visited Sweden last month, citizens spoke of “strong society,” a goal and the platform that the public/society/social compact should provide its citizens with some basic services. When I watched “Waiting for Superman” last night (a very depressing film), the movie noted that while Americans are falling behind in math, reading, and education, we’re number #1 in thinking we’re doing great and better than anyone else (even though we’re not).

We’re We’re destroying our natural environment, the House wants to end Medicare, so many lack health care, our schools are in trouble, yet we have the strongest military in the world and politicians claim we’re the best at everything and the “greatest nation in the history of the Earth.”

I just want us to own the facts that our education and healthcare systems are failing, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and we’re number #1 in self-confidence and military strength.