Internship Opportunity

American Micro Dairies (AMD), a new non-profit organization that promotes the success of Micro Dairy farmers nationwide is offering a summer internship for 2011. The organization is currently working on a project that will be conducting interviews and researching current regulations that obtain to Micro Dairy farmers in the state of Vermont. The outcome of this project will be preparing a set of model regulations that can be further taken into effect by the state. These model regulations will be written in a manner that satisfies both the state and the farmers requirements. The end goal of this project is to allow Micro Dairy farmers to produce local farm fresh milk for direct sale in a safe and wholesome environment. This internship will involve researching Vermont’s regulations that obtain to farmers producing and selling dairy products on the farm, providing written documents, and field work. AMD is looking for a professional individual that is ambitious and willing to approach the various tasks given. Please send resume and writing sample to Program Director Ryen Leach at:

American Micro Dairies

P.O. Box 924

South Royalton, VT 05068

or via email amdairies@gmail .com