Call for Submissions:

Coal: Stoking the Fire or Dousing the Embers

Now and through September 19, 2011, the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL) invites scholars, professionals, and students alike to submit articles about the law, regulation, and policy of coal mining and combustion, coal ash disposal, transmittal of coal-derived energy, or related topics. At the source of many of our time’s greatest environmental and human health challenges lies this so-called black gold. This publication will provide a venue for authors to explore the effects of our reliance on coal, propose steps for how we might move beyond coal, and speculate about the effects of such a transition. Accepted articles will be published in VJEL’s Volume 13, as well as on our website,

Well written and thoroughly cited articles will be considered for publication. In addition to legal issues, article topics may also address political, economic, social, and scientific impacts of using coal for energy production.

Please send all submissions to tnececkas, with the subject line, “Coal VJEL Submission.” For questions regarding the article submission or review process, please contact Thomas Nececkas via email at tnececkas, or via telephone at (973) 202-2423.