Life is short, and I’ve been thinking a lot more lately about self-betterment. While there are many family oriented things I plan and hope to do and many professional goals I hope to attain, I thought I’d share my personal self-betterment to-do list, in no particular order:

(1) Keep learning to play the Guitar (moving beyond simple cords).

(2) Learn to understand the game of cricket. I’m starting with this article.

(3) Learn Chinese.

(4) Travel to every continent.

(5) Become fluent in Spanish again, if even only for a few months.

(6) Maybe eventually get my PhD.

(7) Go to cooking school.

(8) Take an 8-12 month leave to work on a political campaign.

(9) Write a popular press book.

(10) Attend a Winter Olympic Games.

(11) See as many National Parks as possible.

(12) Travel to the last 2 American states that I haven’t been to…Hawaii and New Mexico.

(13) Backpack/Train Europe…with the kids.

I’m sure I’ll add more, but this seems like a good start.