Professor Patricia L. Farnese, University of Saskatchewan, has recently received funding from the Canadian Institute of Health Research to explore the legal and policy frameworks for infectious disease control. She is currently recruiting two students to undertake LL.M. studies in this area beginning in September, 2011. A stipend of $17,850 per year for two years will be provided to the selected LL.M. students.

The overall purpose of Professor Farnese’s project is to: (1) investigate the extent to which the existing legal and policy framework for infectious disease control in humans, animals, and wildlife is integrated; (2) consider reasons for any lack of integration by exploring the structural, constitutional, or other limitations and constraints to better integration; and (3) examine ways to more closely align the legal and policy framework for infectious disease control with best practices in wildlife health. The selected LL.M. students will work with Professor Farnese to complete a thesis related to these research questions.

Interested applicants are asked to send a statement of interest and curriculum vitae to Professor Farnese by email before April 15, 2011 at The selected students will then need to apply and be admitted to the LL.M. program at the University of Saskatchewan. Information about Graduate Studies at the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law can be found at