I’m really enjoying being a Guest Researcher on another campus. This is definitely a route that faculty should consider when they are doing their next sabbatical. (I wish I were in Uppsala for more than 2 weeks.) Having a new and distant office, one is able to deeply focus on writing and research. In addition, your new colleagues simply go out of their way to help you with your research. Here in Uppsala my colleagues are always passing along email addresses and phone numbers of faculty, policymakers, government agencies and NGOs that can help me with my work. Plus, everyone wants to go out to lunch everyday. It’s all quite great.

I’ve also noticed huge differences between Chinese, Swedish and American Law schools. American law schools are filled with classrooms, students flowing in a out. In China, while there are lots of students, the faculty have no offices. In Sweden, the law school feels much more like a graduate school department, which it is because there are so many doctoral students.