On the good side, last night I finished the book Game Change, and started the book Lost Moon (which has literally been sitting on my shelf for literally 17 years since I met fellow Milwaukeean Jim Lovell and he signed a copy for me).  After reading Game Change, two things stuck out: (1) Did John Edwards really think he could become President given her personal affairs?, and (2) Regardless of your views of Sarah Palin, she did energize the Republican base and really was not well-supported by McCain campaign due the very quick vetting process (if you can call it that).

Today was an absolutely crazy/busy day.  With my partner at Yale, I walked the dogs, got the kids (who still have jetlag from the China trip) up and dressed, walked the older kid to school with younger kid in tow, took care of the younger kid all day, picked up older kid with younger kid in tow, dropped off car for partner downtown so she has it when bus gets in, took kids for snack, walked home (note: it’s cold in Vermont and sidewalks are still in poor condition from Wednesday’s snow), cooked dinner, gave kids bath, read stories and put kids to bed.  During this day, I received too many emails to count, I’ve sent 59 emails so far, I had three work phone calls, and I’ve scheduled a dozen meetings for the next two weeks…it’s a good thing my younger daughter is very good at playing by herself when Daddy is on the phone.

In other news, here’s the NY Times article about the EPA actually using their Clean Water Act section 404 veto authority to stop a coal mining project.  Additional commentary at Green Law.  In my forthcoming book, in the chapter on sprawl, I write:

In terms of federal enforcement, EPA must more readily exert the veto authority granted to it under the Clean Water Act. Rather than acquiesce to what can become almost routine issuance of wetlands fill permits by the Corps, EPA could more actively review the effects of permit issuance for “unacceptable adverse effects.” EPA generally has been too reluctant to exert this authority.

Finally, in light of the ridiculously busy day, I refuse to do work tomorrow night.  Go Pack.