It’s been a busy 6 six days, traveling from Hong Kong to San Francisco and now back to VT, so here’s a quick update.

On our last day in HK, I met with folks at WWF-HK about climate change policy, and very happily secured an annual internship there for a Vermont Law School student.

I then flew to SF for the AALS annual meeting which included the Environmental Law Field Trip to the Sacramento Delta which included discussion of wildlife preservation (while viewing the cranes), the bizarre water system, and The Nature Conservancy’s presence in the Delta for agricultural purposes (something I still find odd given that TNC uses pesticides and fertilizers).

(As an aside, I was unhappy with how AALS dealt with the labor dispute in SF, and I continue to be annoyed by all the waste at these conferences; free bags, name badges, etc.)

I enjoyed seeing Golden Gate Park in SF, don’t understand why SanFranciscans must wait in line for trendy restaurants (didn’t want to wait for Burma Superstar this time around, but did wait for The Slanted Door) but truly enjoyed a quick trip to Muir Woods National Monument. The Redwoods are simply beautiful, and the tallest living thing on Earth.

Finished reading Slow Death by Rubber Duck on the plane, and started reading Game Change.