Sometime in 2006 I thought about writing a book, and in early 2007 I thought maybe this was a good idea.  In summer 2007, I wrote a book prospectus.  This month my first book will be published.  And now today, I am just shocked, almost 4 years later, to actually see you can pre-order (!!!) my book on  Click here.  It’s titled, “Everyday Environmentalism: Law, Nature, and Individual Behavior.”  Here’s the product description:

Faced with the seemingly overwhelming prospect of global climate change and its consequences, is there anything that a person can do to make a difference? “Yes, there is!” says Jason Czarnezki. Writing as a lawyer and environmentalist, he addresses the small personal choices that individuals can make in order to have a positive effect on the natural world.  Czarnezki compellingly describes the historical and contemporary forces in the United States that have led to a culture of “convenience, consumerism, and consumption.” He also investigates the individual decisions that have the worst environmental impacts, along with the ecological costs of our food choices and the environmental costs of sprawl.  Ever aware of the importance of personal choice, Czarnezki offers a thoughtful consideration of how public policy can positively affect individual behavior.