Bridget Crawford posts over at The Faculty Lounge about the relative size of environmental law faculties at the top environmental law programs in the country.  There seems to be an implicit suggestion (otherwise why bother collecting this data) that there may be a relationship between environmental law faculty size and top rankings.  I suspect this is the case given that more faculty in an area leads to more student programming, research, public outreach, and helps one potential have more USN&WR votes.  I had trouble downloading Bridget’s original data from the post, but her numbers for Vermont Law School are either far too low or slightly too high depending on whether she’s counting tenure-track/tenured faculty only, or wants to also included all full-time faculty that teach and write in the area of environmental law.  If it’s the former, Vermont Law School has, by my count, 13 tenure-track/tenured environmental law faculty, but if it’s the latter, the number is at least 32 environmental faculty since we have so many full-time long-term contract environmental faculty in the Environmental Law Center who teach and write in environmental law.