(1) We’re hosting Turkey Day, as always, for friends.  This year we’re having 16 people total, and, while we’re vegetarians*, we do cook a turkey.  Today we bought the turkey.  We chose an antibiotic-free bird.  Here’s the odd thing.  All the no antibiotic, free range and/or all-natural fresh birds were between 10-14 lbs.  All the fresh turkeys that were not “natural” were between 14-24 pounds.  And the chemical free-for-all frozen birds were up to 35 lbs.  Hmm….I think I’ll go with the pre-2000 Barry Bonds turkey rather than the McGuire/Sosa/post-2000 Bonds turkey.

*Note: While my partner is a strict vegetarian, I will eat some ecologically appropriate fish or poultry about once a month when my body craves the protein or fish oil.

(2) Dislike sprawl and like walkable neighbors?  Just found a cool website called Walk Score that evaluates the walkability of your address based on how walkable errands and amenities are (e.g., mass transit, groceries, stores, restaurants, parks).  Just type in your address and get your score.  I find it to be a good predictor for locations that I have liked living in.