Three people in the last 24 hours have asked me the the following question:  Given the huge Republican wins on Tuesday, where would I need to live to have Democratic control of the governor’s office and both houses of the state legislature, as well as have two Democratic US Senators and a Democratic Representative in the US House?

Well, if you want all this, and you want your entire Congressional delegation to be Democratic, there are only two states for you, since they have only one member of the US House and two US Senators:

  1. Delaware.
  2. Vermont.  Though in Vermont this is only partly true since Sen. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist who caucuses with the Dems.

The other options, if you want Dem control of the Governor’s office, both houses of the state legislature, and both US Senators, but only care if your own House rep is a Dem, are:

  1. Maryland (in the House districts surround D.C. and Baltimore)
  2. West Virginia (in WV 3rd House district)
  3. California (in the House districts on the coast, bordering Mexico, and in/near the cities of San Jose, San Francisco, LA, San Diego)
  4. Hawaii (whole state)

And maybe 5. Oregon (in the western half of the state that includes Portland, Salem and Eugene), 6. Colorado (living in the House districts of Denver and Boulder), 7. Washington (in the northwest corner of the state, Seattle and Bellingham), and 8. parts of New York state.  There are Gov and/or state legislative races still too close  to call in those states.

(Readers, please let me know if I missed anything.  Thanks.)