11:15am: What’s next for Feingold?  Running against Obama in the 2012 Dem Presidential Primary?  Some think so.  More likely is that if Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI) doesn’t run for re-election, then Feingold will run for the seat.  But it raises a broader question of whether Obama will have a primary fight.  I still view this as very unlikely.

10:56am: Denver Posts reports that Bennet (D) will win the CO Senate seat.

10:54am: via Green: “Proposition 23, the ballot initiative to freeze the California law setting a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, was defeated on Tuesday, with the “No” vote estimated at 59 percent.”

10:47am: Some thoughts.  Why do Dems turn their backs on Dem Presidents?  Gore turned his back on Clinton, and this year Obama helped cut margins (see IL, PA) where he campaigned for the Senate candidate.  What does this mean for Obama in 2012?  I don’t think it’s all bad.  I agree with First Read: “If you’re David Plouffe or David Axelrod, last night wasn’t a complete disaster regarding 2012. Joe Sestak’s and Ted Strickland’s narrow losses in Pennsylvania and Ohio, respectively, demonstrate that the path to victory in those states is still in reach for Obama (with a little help from the economy). The Senate races in Colorado and Nevada also suggest that Dems still have juice in the Mountain West.”  However, watching the House for the next two years is going to be wild.  With at least 239 seats, they’ll be able to pass any bill they want and then blame a Democratic Senate and President for not acting.

10:40am: Until 1am, I was live blogging election day.  It seems there’s always a Day 2 to elections now.  Here where we stand so far.  In an historic shift, the GOP has already picked up 60 seats (!) in the House with 12 races still undecided.  The Senate stands at 51 Dems, 46 GOP with 3 races still undecided in Alaska, Washington, and Colorado.  Shumlin (D) wins the VT Gov race as Dubie conceded this morning. I’ll post more updates throughout the day.