Peter Shumlin – 18,244 votes (25.0%)
Doug Racine – 18,066 votes (24.7%)
Deb Markowitz – 17,854 votes (24.4%)
Matt Dunne – 15,100 votes (20.7%)
Susan Bartlett – 3,795 votes (5.2%)

See here and here and here.

UPDATE:  I have never been a fan of run-off elections, but here is a case where one would certainly be appropriate given the large number of supporters for Markowitz and Dunne.  Also, the candiates can request a recount in a race this close (less than 2% margin of victory).  We’ll see if any of them do so, but reports indicate that such a recount would not be resolved until sometime in September, further shortening the time to campaign against the Republican candidate for governor Brian Dubie.

UPDATE 2:  Shumlin declared Winner by Times Argus. I have not yet seen this declared by AP.  Not certified by the state yet.

UPDATE 3: The AP numbers differ from the above.  And Racine has not yet conceded.   See here and here.  Still no official results.  All precincts have reported.

Peter Shumlin  18,183  25%

Doug Racine       17,993   25%

Deb Markowitz                 17,499   24%

Matt Dunne       15,034   21%

Susan Bartlett    3,773     5%

UPDATE 4: Expect the Vt. Sec. of State to announce the official results early next week.