We are witnessing the demise of American politics, and the end of politicians who can win a race on hard work alone.  With the Supreme Court’s  decision in Citizen United that removed restraints on corporations from financing federal political campaigns, the huge increase in spending in state judicial campaigns (which also harms judicial independence), and the astronomical somes of money being spent in statewide races, the politician that goes door-to-door, wins on ideas alone, and trys to meet people and build relationships is slowing departing the American political scene, unless he or she has a lot of financial backing to boot.  The President of the United States, Democrat Barack Obama, did not accept spending limits and federal financing during the 2008 election, and the NY Times reports that, in an effort to be the U.S. Senator from Connecticut, former World Wrestling Executive Linda McMahon spent $22 million to win yesterday’s Republican primary and is willing to spend an additional $28 million to defeat her Democrat opponent, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, in the general election.  Legal issues surrounding the First Amendment aside, it is a sad day when money rather than ideas drive the political future of our country.