After we’ve only been back from China for less than two months, I’m amazed that my friend and colleague David Mears and his family are off to China for their Fulbright experience at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou.  David has started a blog–Middle Earth Law.  In Chinese, China is “Zhong Guo” or “Middle Kingdom/Country.”

He desribes the goals of his blog this way:

“Middle Earth Law” is my effort to capture three themes that I hope to address over the coming year on this page:  (1) my adventure to a strange and wonderful far away land; (2) my effort to understand the state of the ecology of China, its landscapes and natural systems; and (3) my examination of the way in which law is being used or could be used to address the major environmental challenges confronting the People’s Republic of China as it copes with the consequences of its rapid economic expansion.

For folks still interested in my family’s Fulbright experince, our old blog Vermont2China is still up.