In classic Vermont fashion, today we went to Wrightsville Reservoir with our new-to-us canoe and our new-to-us Subaru.  There has been much debate in Vermont of late about appropriate recreational uses for man-made reservoirs and ponds, especially if they are used as a source of drinking water.  Wrightsville has a no wake and swimming area which we paddled through, but the jet ski that arrived on the boat launch just as we were finishing really lessened our experience.  While allowed on that part of the reservoir, the noise, exhaust and smell were quite terrible.

Another fantastic reservoir in Vermont is Green River Reservoir State Park where you canoe into your campsite.  Power boats are banned and the shoreline is completely undeveloped.  “The Green River Reservoir is a 5,113 acre park including a 653 acre Reservoir with 19 miles of shoreline, which is the longest stretch of undeveloped shoreline in Vermont,” according to the Friends of the Green River.

Photo: Our Subaru and canoe on the Wrightsville Reservoir Boat Launch.