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Feelings, Facts, Food and Genetic Engineering – A Fresh Look


The logo for thePace Academy for Applied Environmental StudiesThe logo for the “Food You” campaign at Pace University aimed at raising student awareness of issues related to what we eat.

From noon to 2 p.m. today (Eastern time), and archived online here thereafter, you can watch and weigh in on an open-minded discussion of the intersection of biotechnology, the environment and the dinner plate at Pace University.

The event, “Feelings, Facts, Food and GMOs – A Fresh Look,”* is part of FoodYou, a .

Today’s panel consists of Shelley Boris, a chef committed to conscientious cuisine and author of “Fresh Cooking” (disclosure: she’s a friend); Jason J. Czarnezki a professor of environmental law at Pace Law School and co-author of “Food, Agriculture and Environmental Law“; Pamela Ronald, a plant geneticist and co-author of “Tomorrow’s Table“; and Nathanael Johnson, the Grist writer whose 2013 series ”Panic-Free GMOs” provided a deep and informative dive on genetics, agriculture and risk.

I’ll be moderating.

You can post questions or reactions on Twitter using the hashtag#pacefood. We look forward to hearing from you!

* See David Ropeik’s writings and talks for much more on how feelings usually trump facts when people confront consequential science.

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A line chart titled Fall ABA Applicants by Week. The horizontal axis represents months November through August. Along its vertical axis are numbers 0 through 100,000 indicating number of applicants. The line labeled Fall 2012 steadily rises from 16,719 in November to 59,090 in March, then begins to plateau from March until August ending at 67,735. The line labeled Fall 2013 increases from 12,728 in November to 48,674 in March, then begins to plateau from March until August ending at 59,426. The line labeled Fall 2014 rises slightly from 11,340 to 36,304 at the end of February.