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Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School

2012 Asia Law and Justice Fellowship

The deadline for applications is January 30, 2012. Applications postmarked after this date will not be considered.

The Asia Law and Justice (ALJ) Program, part of the Leitner Center for International Law and Justice at Fordham Law School (

, studies and promotes the rule of law and adherence to basic human rights throughout Asia. The Program does this through research and advocacy projects; conferences, symposia, and panels; capacity-building initiatives, such as exchanges of lawyers, judges, and scholars; and partnerships with NGOs based in the U.S. and Asia. The program’s primary focus has been on rule of law and justice initiatives in China, including the independence of criminal defense lawyers, women’s rights, and the legal status of North Korean refugees in East Asia.

The ALJ Program is administered by a Fellow who is a law school graduate. The Fellow will conduct research and advocacy for the Program; identify new areas for research; work with the Program’s partners; advise students seeking relevant internships and post-graduate employment; coordinate the work of the Committee to Support Chinese Lawyers (, an initiative housed in the Program; and manage day-to-day administration, including arranging events and lectures. The Fellow may also teach a seminar at the Law School as a member of the adjunct faculty.

Candidates should hold a J.D. or equivalent, and have a demonstrated interest in international human rights and Asia. The ideal candidate will have some familiarity with Chinese law or legal developments in other parts of Asia; experience in international human rights advocacy as exhibited by past internships, clinical experience in law school, and/or post-graduate human rights experience; and proficiency or fluency in Mandarin Chinese or another regional language.

The Fellowship begins in mid-August 2012, and is a 12-month position with the possibility of an extension for an additional year. The Fellow’s salary is $55,000 and includes benefits.

Applicants should send a statement of interest (including detailed description of your international human rights experience, teaching/mentoring/advising experience, language skills, and how the fellowship will advance your professional goals), a résumé/CV, an official law school transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation in one complete application package by January 30, 2012. The complete application package should be sent to:

“2012 ALJ Fellowship”
Leitner Center for International Law and Justice
Fordham University School of Law
33 West 60th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10023

Please direct inquiries to leitnercenter

For more information about the Leitner Center, see:

I just spoke with Vermont Law School’s "central command" on campus. The Law School will definitely be open tomorrow and classes will definitely start.

For my students: While I will be on campus tomorrow, please be safe, and I fully understand that some may need to concentrate on the well-being of your family and friends rather than my class.

Vermont Law School’s Facebook Page has the following announcement:

“Vermont Law School is officially closed today — Tues. Classes will start WED. Power is back. Phones partially restored. Server’s being worked on. Some roads washed out and will take days to fix. Stay tuned for updates.”

Since servers are not up yet, all email sent to a email address will not be received and will bounce back. The law school website is still down. While power is back at the law school, I do not have word whether the surrounding community has power.

The law school phone number (802-831-1000) is back up, reporting that the law school is closed today (Tuesday), will be open tomorrow (Wednesday) and that student refund checks are currently available in the business office.  (I assume by “refund checks,” the law school is referring to financial aid checks.)

Based on Facebook posts, people want to know what roads are or will be open in SoRo. Thus, I encourage everyone to use their best judgment in deciding whether to leave their homes. Yesterday at Noon, Route 14 north and south of the Law School were washed out. Rt 110 was open from South Royalton all the way to Barre. That said, conditions change all the time, and I would be reluctant to rely on this 24 hours later.

To my students: If you feel at all unsafe in leaving your home and driving, do not come to my class tomorrow. I would rather you be safe and feel safe. I am more than happy to makeup with you any materials that you may miss.

From Sarah Buxton:

URGENT: Volunteers needed tomorrow (8/30) to help in “Operation Revive Royalton.” Meet at 9am, 11am, OR 1pm (or all of the above!) at South Royalton High School. Bring any clean-up equipment you may have. We have some supplies & gloves – so don’t worry if you can only bring yourself! Many hands make light work… PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD (repost, text, and call)!!

Also, if you are IN NEED OF HELP OR ASSISTANCE, give me a shout (802) 233-0274 or

Vermont State SocietyAugust 29, 2011 
Even on Monday, August 29th, Hurricane Irene continues to devastate parts of Vermont with out of control flooding, and road and bridge closures. Many Vermont residents are without power and about 10 communities are totally cut off from state highways and out of reach of emergency response teams. Here are some ways to follow the developments.

  • Vermont Governor’s Office Newsroom
  • Follow Twitter hashtag: #VTIrene and #VTResponse
  • Vermont Today, Times Argus and Rutland Herald blog
  • SevenDaysVT staff blog using crowdsourced photos and video (with map)
  • VT Dept of Transportation map with highway and road conditions
  • Vermont State Society Facebook page

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