I’m thrilled to see that Vermont Law School’s own Adam Moser, our LLM Fellow in the US-China Partnership in Environmental Law, has sparked a blog post by Alex Wang, NRDC’s China program director, that has been picked up on Huffington Post.  In response to a post by Moser that compared arguably divergent views on China’s actions (circus v. savior), Wang suggested there are two distinct issues in evaluating China’s efforts.  “First, what is China doing to address its contribution to global climate change?  Second, are these efforts achieving the reported levels of success?”  I would suggest that there is a third question.  Even if China’s efforts are achieving reported levels of success, given China’s rate of development and economic growth, might China’s greenhouse gases emission alone have the potential to lead to catastrophic climate events?  If so, does this and should this influence our views about China’s energy efficiency efforts?