I earlier reviewed the first half of David Plouffe’s retelling of his experience as campaign manager in Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.  I enjoyed the first half immensely, but I can’t say the same for the second.  I think there are two basic reasons for this.  First, the campaign strategy in the general election necessitated by the Electoral College (targeting key states) wasn’t as exciting as the delegate fight of the primary.  It’s true Obama expanded the map in states like North Carolina and Virginia, among others, but that’s really a story of the proper political climate and the money raised by Obama.  Second, again due to the political climate and, at the time, Obama’s unlikely candidacy, Hillary Clinton was a far more formidable opponent than John McCain.   I will say that I expect the 2012 Republican Primary to be almost as exciting as the 2008 Democratic fight, and the 2012 general election could be so entertaining that I could sell tickets to my neighbors without TVs (yes, very common in VT) if they want to watch the debates and election results.

Next on my reading list are Oracle Bones and River Town by Peter Hessler, both books about China, and I’m looking for a good book about the political/presidential history of federal natural resources.  Any sugggestions?